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Fans in Toronto?

This might be a long shot since this group has been pretty quiet, but I figured I'd try anyway.

Hello fello Canadians! I'm not a new fan, but I recently just moved to Toronto to study at UofT so I figured I'd re-introduce myself and see if there are other fans in the area who wouldn't mind meeting up with me!

Name: Mui
Age: 22
Location: Toronto, ON
Languages: English, Japanese, incredibly bad Cantonese
Favourite Group: Arashi
Other interests: anime, video games, Harry Potter, fooooooooood <3

If you live in the GTA/Toronto area, feel free to drop a comment/give me a PM! I'd love to meet other Arashi fans so we can fangirl togather :D


I'm a J fan for six years from China. Now prepare to apply for universities in Canada.I HOPE to connect with fans in Canada, or we can have fan-meetings!
· Name: kiyoshi
· Age: 18
· Location: Toronto
· Language spoken: Chinese, English, a little Japanese
· Favorite groups: ARASHI(sho&nino), Hey!Say!JUMP(chinen&yamada), yamaP
My dream is to go to their concerts!
Please chat with me!φ(≧ω≦*)♪

ARASHI is my motivation to go further.
手越祐也 ★ Huh?

[Meet-Up] Anime North 2014

Just a reminder, we'll be meeting THIS SATURDAY from 1-3pm.

We'll be meeting outside the TCC, on the lawn near where Harvey's is.  Please look for our wonderful, sparkly CJEF Meet-Up signs!  If it rains we will move inside the Double Tree hotel, in the lobby area where the go tables are.  Remember to bring your JE stuff either to sell, or just to show off, and come prepared to play some games!!

Also if someone has an ipod full of various JE bands, please comment below/on facebook and let us know, or just bring it the day of so we can play intro don!

You can also find this event on facebook here.

See you soon!
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Anime North Meet-Up 2014

Hey guys!

It's that time of year again, Anime North is May 23-25th! That means that it's also time for our annual AN Canada Johnny's Meet-Up.

Since we always have the meet-up on Saturdays, I think it should be fine to go with Saturday the 24th as the date again for this year, but I need to know what times would work for everyone.  We will be holding the meet-up outside (unless there's rain), so you won't necessarily need a ticket to participate.

Choose your availability from the poll below, please click ALL that apply.  You can see the AN program here.

Poll #1965855 AN 2014 Times

What time on Saturday are you available?

12:00 - 2:00
1:00 - 3:00
2:00 - 4:00
3:00 - 5:00

Of course we're gonna have the same fun games we always have, and some new creations:

  • Arashi's Suguroku

  • Intro Don

  • Johnny's Cranium

  • MORE...... O:

You can also bring some JE goods with you, either to sell/trade or just show off.  Everyone is welcome, no matter what JE group you like or how new/old to the fandom you are, there's always space for you!!
  • mao246


Hi guys~

I'm selling CDs from Arashi, NEWS, KAT-TUN, and HEY SAY JUMP [I'm mostly HSJ and Arashi biased though]. Everything is in perfect condition unless stated otherwise. All CDs listed are the official JPN releases [J-STORM, etc] that are currently Out of Print. I live in Toronto and I'm thinking of doing meetups only, so anywhere like Finch Station areas, Waterloo areas, Markham areas, Downtown, etc will all be fine with me. It makes the transaction process alot smoother that way.

Arigatou LE- 18$ [OPENED]
JUMP No. 1- 28$ [OPENED]
Hitomi no Screen LE- 18$ [OPENED]

My Girl RE- 12$ [OPENED]
Ohno's Kaibutsu OST Single- 10$ [OPENED]
Crazy Moon/Ashita no Kioku RE- 12$ [OPENED]
To Be Free LE- 22$ [OPENED]
Dear Snow LE- 22$ [OPENED]
Troublemaker LE- 25$ [OPENED]
Monster LE- 25$ [OPENED]

White Xmas [LIMITED PRESSING] (My favourite single from KAT-TUN)- 12$ [OPENED]- SOLD

Happy Birthday LE (My favourite Single from NEWS) - 15$ [OPENED]

I also have some Korean/HK version CDs of various JE artists for sale:

One in a million LE HK VER. 14$ [Cute photocard; OPENED]- SOLD

Beautiful Days LE HK VER. 10$ [Secondhand, in good condition, OBI intact]
ONE album RE TAIWAN ver. 10$ [Secondhand, in good condition, no OBI, this is the only CD where there looks to be scratches from use]
Hatenai Sora LE HK Ver. 16$ [OPENED]

Your Seed LE HK Ver- 14$ [OPENED]

Once again, pictures will come shortly if there's substantial interest .

Buy 3 CDs of any kind and you'll get 1 magazine (Chosen based on your group preferences) for free

I have around 15 magazines [A combo of Myojo, Potato, Duet and WINKUP from 07-10; HSJ/ARASHI periods]. I've decided that with every purchase of 3 CDs [Any 3], I will also give a magazine (based on your group preferences)

If there's interest in any particular CD, I'll be sure to upload the picture of it too.

See you|!
だいすけ ♥ 

Sales Post - Anime North

With Anime North coming up, I'm updating my sales post in preparation for Nominoichi as well as the meet-up! If you're interested, please check out my sales post now because I encourage you to reserve items you want! Especially because it is Anime North, I have to give my anime items priority, so I can't bring all my Johnnys items (not possible anyways). If you find something you want, tell me as soon as possible! I will definitely not be bring bulky items like calendars and pamphlets to the convention unless someone is serious about buying.

Items include:
KAT-TUN, NEWS, Hey! Say! JUMP discography
Kamenashi Kazuya, Koyama Keiichirou, Arioka Daiki uchiwas
KAT-TUN, NEWS, Hey! Say! JUMP official photos
KAT-TUN pamphlets
KAT-TUN, NEWS calendars
Hey! Say! JUMP stickers
Kis-My-Ft2 doujinshi
Popolo, Arena 37℃
...and more!

( Main post - make sure to click on the links to other posts too! )

If you cannot make it to Nominoichi or the meet-up, we can try to organize something separate as well!

If you just feel like dropping by at Nominoichi, I will be at table N95! (I have no idea where that is specifically...but well, we'll see?)

Edit: I have no Facebook account, so if anyone wants to help me advertise on Facebook, just tell me! I'd appreciate the help!
手越祐也 ★ Huh?

UPDATE: Toronto Meet-Up @ Anime North

Hey guys!

Just a reminder about the Anime North meet-up!  The date and time has been decided!!

Date: May 26th, Saturday
Time: 3 - 5pm
Location: Outside Toronto Congress Centre, on the grassy hill near Harvey's.
Check out our facebook event.

Feel free to come and go at any time in those two hours!  And if you can't find us, look for our bright and sparkley sign!

If you have any comments, drop them below~ Hope to see you guys soon!
増田貴久 ★ MaSuperman

[Meet-Up] Toronto JE Fans at Anime North!!

Hello everyone!

It's that time of year again~ And CJEF would like to invite you to our annual JE Meet-Up at Anime North!

This year Anime North is being held from May 25-27th!  That is the weekend AFTER the Victoria Day long weekend, so it shouldn't clash with any of your Victoria Day plans! Weather permitting the event will be held OUTSIDE the convention buildings, so even if you're not planning on attending the con, come out and join the fun!

Our plans for this year include:
  • Arashi's Suguroku Boardgame
  • JE Musical Mats
  • Intro Don
  • Possibly Onigokko!
  • And more game suggestions are welcome!!
Of course there will be prizes and batsu-games to enjoy ;)  You're also welcome to bring any merchandise you have to sell, trade, or just show off! 

Please comment below and please vote for the most suitable time!  Also you're more than welcome to bring friends along!!

Poll #1838323 AN2012

Please select the best time(s) for you!


More updates (and hopefully a facebook event) will be posted once we've decided the time!  Thanks guys!
Kamenashi Kazuya, KAT-TUN

Intro? I'm new!

Name: Kelley

Age: 16

Location: Greater Toronto Area (:

Ethnicity:  Chinese, from Hong Kong!

Languages: English and Cantonese, learning Japanese

Favourite JE group: KAT-TUN

Favourite JE member: Can't decide! I love them all <3

Interests/hobbies: Music, reading, making wallpapers, blogging

About me: I'm pretty new to the whole Livejournal thing, and I don't really know what to do. I think this is my first time posting anything... I hope we can all be friends! I really want to meet people in Canada who have the same interests as me! Feel free to add me?