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C J E F ; Canadian Johnny's Entertainment Fans && 愛

Canadian Fans!

CJEF ; CanadianJohnny'sEntertainmentFans
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Canadian Johnny's Entertainment Fans
Welcome to the Canadian Johnny's Entertainment Fans community; more commonly known as CJEF.

The purpose of the community is to connect different Canadian Johnny's Entertainment fans together, regardless of our race, religion and etc. If you are organizing a meet-up or a fanproject anywhere across Canada (or something World Wide including Canadian fans), we welcome your posts! If you'd just like to get to know more Johnny's Fans in your area, you've also come to the right place!

1) Must currently be Canadian, or living in Canada.
2) Posts must have some relation to Canada and JE.
3) No advertisements.
4) No fanfics/fanworks.
4b) UNLESS the fanwork is related to Canadian Johnny's fans. (ie. a video of Akame is not fine, where as a video put together showing fans all across the world for KAT-TUN's debut anniversary is acceptable.)
5) Sales posts must have some kind of advantage to Canadian buyers. Or else, no sales posts. Please use the sales post tag on all sales post entries!
6) No flaming. This includes other users OR members of Johnny's Entertainment. Everyone has their own opinions and they must be respected.
7) No spam. (Any posts unrelated to the community, including but not limited to those that break the rules stated here are spam. Please consider what you are sharing with the community and whether it follows the purpose of uniting Canadian Johnny's Entertainment Fans, or would be better shared in one of the group related comms or your own personal journal.)
8) Please put up a introduction of yourself so we know where you are from! (Intro posts can be tagged with "Introduction" and "Location: xx" tags!)
10) Please use the correct tags. If there is no tag that you feel is right, use 'other'.

Please use the code below for your introduction post! Feel free to fill out as much information as you'd like!

Please remember to tag introduction posts with both the introduction tag, and a location: xx tag!


An Arashi scans community! :D

johnnys_daigaku - A community for Johnny's fans in University! A great place to make new friends from your school!

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