chibimui (chibimui) wrote in canada_johnnys,

Fans in Toronto?

This might be a long shot since this group has been pretty quiet, but I figured I'd try anyway.

Hello fello Canadians! I'm not a new fan, but I recently just moved to Toronto to study at UofT so I figured I'd re-introduce myself and see if there are other fans in the area who wouldn't mind meeting up with me!

Name: Mui
Age: 22
Location: Toronto, ON
Languages: English, Japanese, incredibly bad Cantonese
Favourite Group: Arashi
Other interests: anime, video games, Harry Potter, fooooooooood <3

If you live in the GTA/Toronto area, feel free to drop a comment/give me a PM! I'd love to meet other Arashi fans so we can fangirl togather :D
Tags: arashi, introduction, location: ontario

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