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Sales Post - Anime North

With Anime North coming up, I'm updating my sales post in preparation for Nominoichi as well as the meet-up! If you're interested, please check out my sales post now because I encourage you to reserve items you want! Especially because it is Anime North, I have to give my anime items priority, so I can't bring all my Johnnys items (not possible anyways). If you find something you want, tell me as soon as possible! I will definitely not be bring bulky items like calendars and pamphlets to the convention unless someone is serious about buying.

Items include:
KAT-TUN, NEWS, Hey! Say! JUMP discography
Kamenashi Kazuya, Koyama Keiichirou, Arioka Daiki uchiwas
KAT-TUN, NEWS, Hey! Say! JUMP official photos
KAT-TUN pamphlets
KAT-TUN, NEWS calendars
Hey! Say! JUMP stickers
Kis-My-Ft2 doujinshi
Popolo, Arena 37℃
...and more!

( Main post - make sure to click on the links to other posts too! )

If you cannot make it to Nominoichi or the meet-up, we can try to organize something separate as well!

If you just feel like dropping by at Nominoichi, I will be at table N95! (I have no idea where that is specifically...but well, we'll see?)

Edit: I have no Facebook account, so if anyone wants to help me advertise on Facebook, just tell me! I'd appreciate the help!
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