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Anime North - Nominoichi

(The comm hasn't been the most active place, but hoping some people will still read this.)

Anime North is coming up and this year, for the Nominoichi (or the flea market - it's on Friday, 7:00pm to 10:30pm), they have changed the rules to expand the things you can sell there. From the official website, the new rule is that goods sold must be "50% (or more) of anime and %50 (or less) of everything else", as long as all items are not bootlegs. Expanded categories included Japanese culture and Jpop items! Which means...we can sell Johnnys stuff as well!

I'm hoping to get a table this year and was wondering if anyone wants to share a table with me. It costs $30CAD to get a full table and we can have up to 3 sellers at one table (which means $10/seller then). You must have some anime merchandise to sell (and an Anime North pass of course) though, to follow with the rule. I don't have enough anime merchandise to cover the 50/50 rule if people I'm sharing the table with don't have anime stuff to sell.

The table reservation starts on April 9th, so it'd be great if I can get a response before then!

For those who want more details, just check the official website here.

PS I'm also looking to sell an extra copy of Popolo April 2011 (among other things, if you would like to check my sales post) and would prefer a buyer around the Toronto/York Region area to avoid shipping costs. Contact me through PM if you're interested!
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